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I have been doing research into my family tree for a few years now, this is the result

Family Tree  GedPage output

I found a copy of "a memoir of the Family of Trollope" dated 1897 at my mothers house and started looking for more. My fathers family tree was well documented by Robin Binyon (Father Fabian) at Prinknash Abbey so I had a lot of my family already done.

I bought an early version of Family Tree for Windows and loaded all the info I could find into the program. with this I can output GEDCOM files with which I can create a set of webpages for others to follow my results.

I have since acquired a copy of the Pedigree of the family of Royds dated 1910 and the updates from 1951 and 2004. Although there are a few visible mistakes between the early and later versions, it is still a valuable tool.

I have all the DVDs of the 1881 UK census and the Vital Records collection which have given loads of interesting facts, so if you want anyone looked up, I can do that easily. just let me know.


I have these two photos (right) but I don't know who they are, my guess is that they are in the Ransome family but only because I found them with some papers from this line of research. Anyone know them?

Please let me know if you have any corrections or updates for me to add; people are being born all the time so the tree keeps growing!


Link to Dan Eyre's genealogy page for the Eyre family

Link to Nigel Watts home page which has histories of Royds and Molyneux families

Link to Howard Ulph Smith's genealogy page for the Keep/Bishop familys


please follow these links to look at the results:
GEDPAGE is a software that creates web pages from Gedcom files. this was last updated in Dec 2011

GedOut is another software program that does the same thing, but with a slightly different style. also updated in Dec 2011