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Yacht Captain and Classic Car enthusiast

After being educated at Westbourne House prep school and Milton Abbey Public school, I worked for a while at my local BMC dealer and then Michael Walkers Garage in Woking, where I did basic servicing on Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars along with some more exotic machines. At that time we built the first Panther J72 cars for Bob Jankel whilst he was getting his own workshop organised to take the production up to the next level. At that stage, the chassis were delivered to us from Chichester, and the bodies came from a couple of different manufacturers, we assembled the cars as a sort of kit. I got to test drive most of them once they came back from the trimmers.

In 1973 I started a 3-year diploma course at Guildford Technical College on Automobile engineering. At the end of this course, I went driving through Europe in a 1968 Triumph Spitfire mk2 with a friend from college, Mark Ball, and we ended up in Antibes looking for work to buy food and petrol. I am still there.

That was the start of my yachting career, which I am still doing and more on this on the "yachting" pages.

I am also involved in the Antibes Raft Race, which gets resurrected from time to time and will be run again in April 2012. Hope we will raise even more for charity than last time!

I started singing in the Purcell Chamber Choir in Sept 2004, I was first in the Tenor section for that year but the following year I moved down to the Baritone section where I am more comfortable. In March 2006 we entered and won the Concours de Roquebrune sur Argens.The Purcell choir disbanded when we ran out of Tenors in 2008 and I then went to Ars Vocalis in Cannes. in June 2007 I was auditioned for a choir to do Charles Gounod's "Mireille" at the Miskolc Opera Festival which was a lot of fun. we all flew together to Budapest and went by coach from there to our hotel, all supplied by the opera organisers. more on this in the "Midi Music" section eventually.

I have now joined the Jazz Choir in Cannes, and I have created the website for them at Jazz Junctionincluding setting up a privateBB forum for the choir members

in 1983, when I was living in Palma, Mallorca, I learnt to fly light aircraft at the Son Bonnet airfield and eventually got my Spanish PPL, but I let it lapse many years ago. I subsequently tried paragliding in the French Alps and got keen enough to buy my own 'shute and do a course at Gourdon, in France so I have my French pilots licence for Paraglider. luckily this does not run out so I have it for life. But I have not used it for over 10 years, but one day.....





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